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"I Will Go if I Must" - Demo

I started writing this one back in the fall and just finished it at the end of February. This is the first song I've finished writing in a while, six months at least. I have a lot of songs left undone, most of which I'm still chipping away at. I've been prolifically writing song pieces these last couple of months. It's nice to say I'm pretty much done with one.

I don't know if these verses will stay as they are; I have a few other lines written that I might switch out for what's in the video. I'd rather the chorus lyrics come in on the one, but I'm not sure how to make that happen. Even the title is a work in progress.

I finished writing the verses and bridge a few minutes before I set my iPhone up on a chair and recorded this video. I was at The Music District in Old Town Fort Collins, in the dining room, and the live sound of the room and the light in the corner there looked like a decent spot to make a video.

When I was writing the song, I was thinking a lot about all of the things we people have to do when we don't want to--little things like going to work, or my son going to daycare, to much bigger things, like people who leave their homes to cross borders to find opportunities for their families--people who risk their lives for their loved ones. Love is in the song, but I never intended it to be a love song per se. People do amazing things for love.

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